Cool Site


Cool Clipper Sites
Clipper related WWW sites
A coding standard for Clipper
Abee PageScript (Print to a Win Printer!)
Above The Cellar
ABOX (Francesc Selles)( en espaƱol )
Abri Recover 2.0 (.DBF recovery)
Accounting for Clipper (Columbusoft)
Acker Freeman Associates
AD2 2001 Toolkit for Zachary & CA-Clipper
Aeronaut Al Acker's e-zine, The XBase Files
Alaska Software (Xbase ++)
Andi Jahja Artful Applications
Barcode 1
A Barcode FAQ and Tutorial Site (also product recommendations)
BlinkInc. B. Borzic Consulting (SQLExpress for Xbase++)
Bytemaster ( Clipper Clipper Clipper )
Cibertec Links Cl2C - Clipper to C compiler
CLIP Object oriented, CA-Clipper compatible compiler
Clip-4-Win Clipper Functions 4.0 for Delphi Clipper Museum
Clipper Programming Services (decompiling)
Communication Horizons(SQL Server and Database Encryption)
CA-Clipper Patches and Updates dBFast Users Home Page dBse
Devore Software ( Causeway / Warplink )
dSalvage Professional Elfring Fonts (Barcode Fonts)
ESS/400 (AS/400 RDD) Extended Systems ( Advantage Database Server ) Extrasensory (Telepathy, Faxual) Fiberhosting Network (My Hosting Service) FiveTech (FiveWin) (Patrick Mast) FlagShip - Clipper for Unix! GAS Informatica (en espanol) gLib - DOS Clipper to Windows migration library (uses Clip-4-Win) Grafx Software Development Tools ( Fortress/Comix ) Griffin Solutions (HALCYON, Clipper commands for Delphi) Hallogram Publishing Harbour Project (Open Source Clipper!) Hian's Clipper PowerPage Iverson Directory of Computer Consultants and Developers Janusz Piwowarski Joe Booth ( Xbase Tools ) LPC Software Company MANOS Greek CLIPPER Page Mark Schumann (Original home of Clipper FAQ) ) OpAmp Technical Books Oz Software Home Page Philippe Morchain PlugSys (MAX) Provantage Clipper Public Domain Guide to Open Source Clipper NEW! QBS Software Sales Ralf Brown's Interrupt List Retro Tools Used Software Exchange Sequiter Software (Codebase) SofDesign International (Overlay) The Holmes Page Ultimade RAD Vern Six VGA Text for Clipper Vista Software (Six Driver) VODBX Wotsit's Format? X2C Shareware xBase to C ranslator Xbase DBMS Xbase Fan Club! Zlib A Clipper Newsgroup You Should ReadUsenet Clipper Newsgroup comp.lang.clipperPlease Note! You can't get the above mentioned newsgroup from The Oasis!You have to subscribe to a newsgroup either through your local internet service provider or through some other public news server.

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