The Oasis is the largest file archive for CA-Clipper and xBase on the web! The Oasis is created specifically for Clipper programmers to satisfy their need for demo's, utilities, Clipper source code, patches and libraries. The Oasis evolved from the FIDO filebone, additions from FIDO message bases, messages from the internet comp.lang.clipper newsgroup, my personal source code and utility donations and other programmers donations directly into the site.

You can donate to The Oasis!

The Oasis always welcomes new submissions. If you have any Clipper or Xbase++ related material, please feel free to send it in for everyone to use. This can be your original work donated to public domain, or other public domain, freeware or shareware works. Of course, The Oasis won't knowingly distribute any commercial or copyrighted but not shareable works, so don't send them!

Rules for File Donation You've got Clipper questions?
Good Luck with whatever you find here, and if you have Clipper questions, be sure to ask them to the many fine participants on the Usenet Clipper newsgroup, comp.lang.clipper. You will not find a better forum for Clipper questions and discussions. If you are a Clipper programmer, you should read the above newsgroup every day. You will learn a lot if you do!

Some of My Software

FREEWARE! Includes Source!

View Online Documentation for Click!

Click! is a CA-Clipper and Xbase++ source code reformatter. This is much more than a simple reindenter, but actually reestablishes spacing between elements in the lines of code and creates function cross reference charts.

If you are a Clipper or Xbase++ programmer, this is a utility you can't afford to be without. Get it today!
This is the complete Registered Version!
Now supports Xbase++ !
View Online Documentation for PBMake
Clipper and Xbase++ Programmers! If you've grown tired of the cryptic commands you have to use with MAKE.EXE or RMAKE.EXE or any other make engine, then it's time for you to switch to a make engine that speaks human!

PBMake is faster and easier to use than any make engine you have ever used! PBMake has ZERO memory overhead, and supports mixed language compiles in a single script. This make engine was designed for speed and to remove the need for cryptic commands found in other make engines. SHAREWARE, and not limited in any way. Works with any language. Works with multiple languages in a single script! Extensive Norton Guide included.
This is the complete Registered Version and includes GPL Source.

Programmers! Have you ever sat and changed text or memory variable names for hours with your editor as you recycle and reuse code?

Wouldn't it be nice if as you identify each change you need to make, you could allow GSR's quick search and replace engine do the drudgery work for you?
GSR is multifile/multidirectory Search & Replace facility which has both an interactive and a command line interface.
Whatever your search and replace needs, GSR provides a quick and efficient way cross many files in one or many directories with a change you need to make.
Programmers! DataDoc provides a quick way to get printouts of .dbf structures without spending a lot of time.
DataDoc will scan through all of the .DBF's in a directory, and print a reference library of table structure for you to place in a notebook. It's a real time saver and it makes you look professional! Public Domain. Includes Source Code.