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If you are looking for Clipper help, may I suggest that you ask your questions on the usenet newsgroup comp.lang.clipper. (You would get this connection from your internet provider, not from me.) I have not been using Clipper in my daily life for many years, so I'm really not up on what's happening with it these days. The cool thing about comp.lang.clipper is that there are still a LOT of Clipperheads hanging out there and there is a wealth of knowledge waiting for the seeker.

WIth that said, it could be that you just need a good Clipper compiler. The open source project, Harbour Project, is just what you need. Visit them here: Now, if you are really needing to write to me, go for it! Just don't expect any Clipper expertise to emerge.

If you have a problem with something you downloaded here, try to contact the author directly. Most code that is on The Oasis came from people on the internet, and most of them have included their addresses somewhere in the body of work. Use this method first.

If you have problems with http or ftp transfers to or from The Oasis, contact me directly. Many times when you have problems, there is no problem at The Oasis, but instead, there is a general bottleneck in the internet at large. Waiting a few minutes or hours or days will probably make just about any download problem go away, unless some major piece of the internet infrastructure is broken.